November 30, 2020
Image of a woman working with a mask and gloves in a COVID business world

Working with expectations in a COVID business world

Managing expectations in business is difficult. From relational, business, legal or in other forms expectations ultimately provide a direct route to failure. In 2020 we have learnt to adapt realising that in business not all things can be predetermined.
November 16, 2020
Picture of a woman smiling and waving on a networking video conferencing call

4 simple steps to building virtual networking confidence

4 simple networking steps to build a successful virtual community acquiring mutual beneficial relationships without the awkwardness and fear
October 30, 2020
Picture of a female customer service rep on the phone and smiling

The cornerstone of any business is customer service

Customer service teams can make or break a business. Create a great team by giving training, allowing personalities to shine, trusting them to make decisions, opening communication channels with sales teams and offering a supportive environment.
October 15, 2020
Image of a business man drawing a picture of a ghost for Halloween

COVID safe ghost town Halloween celebrations

Here are ways to safely celebrate Halloween in the midst of the Coronavirus pandemic. It may prove to be the weirdest of Halloweens but this shouldn't stop the fun at home.