May 14, 2020
Image of two people showing the 2 meter ruling of social distancing

What will the new working reality look like

Even with the update in government regulations, the overarching message is that we are still in the midst of a crisis. And the golden rule to normalising society back to work is safety. So, what will the new working reality look like with the inclusion of social distancing and how can we stay 2 metres or 6 feet apart?
April 28, 2020
Picture a business man on his mobile phone

Safeguarding your business against complaints during Coronavirus

During these difficult times small businesses are struggling not only with the impact of COVID-19 but also because of customer complaints to services. Heres how to safeguard your business through the crisis and into the future.
April 8, 2020
Picture of a woman smiling whilst holding a mobile phone

Increased technology spamming due to home working

With so many people now working from home due to the Coronavirus its not a surprise that technology spamming, phishing and smishing is on the increase. Take extra precautions to ensure all your devices are safe.
March 18, 2020
Woman working happily from her laptop at home

34 ways to make working from home a success

In 2019 1.3 million people worked from home in the UK. However the recent restrictions caused by the Coronavirus will see this dramatically increase. Here's 34 ways to make working from home a success.