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What is a serviced office and how can it help your business?

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Serviced Offices
In a nutshell a serviced office is physical working space which is used by businesses in a multitude of ways. The concept redefines the need to have a conventional office which can be expensive for corporates and ineffective for smaller businesses.

The buildings are typically owned by a provider or operator who leases space along with other facilities to organisations and individuals so they can conduct their work.

Many businesses still don’t see the benefit believing that they need to budget a large portion of money to secure long leases or purchasing actual physical sites. They believe owning a prestigious building will make their business look more professional. This is no longer the case. Serviced offices are the perfect solution for companies of any size looking to house employees, individuals, teams or even sub teams.

There has never been a better time to consider utilising the offerings of a serviced office, especially as companies begin to plan the way forward in the post-pandemic world.

Flexible contracts
Whilst you will still require a contract with the operator as you would in any business transaction this is often flexible. A set notice period is required to terminate the contract, but this is shorter than traditional long leases. This provides a business with the assurance they can get set up with the knowledge of opting in or opting out quickly without the hassle of negotiating out of long fixed terms. This is an attractive offering for both small and big businesses as they navigate the murky waters of everyday business life.

Professional services
Services provided are often on par if not more advanced then creating or designing an office from scratch. They are purposely designed with all modern amenities. Some even go so far as to incorporate some really exciting and interesting ways to work. Contracts typically provide professional onsite services including high tech fast broadband, state of the art IT equipment, luxury meeting room space, kitchen facilities, onsite cafes, parking or bike racks. The offices are specifically designed to be utilised by many requiring varying types of space.

Readymade offices
One of the biggest benefits is the ability to move in and get going without the need to purchase office furniture. Workstations are already set up meaning you just need a laptop or a desk top to begin working. Space can include private offices for individuals, standard offices for teams or securing an entire floor or building for larger scaled corporates. Whatever your business needs a serviced office can provide plus there is the attractive option to upscale or downscale as needed. Some centres allow for bespoke designs meaning you can create a space that works specifically for you.

Manned reception
Not all serviced office providers offer the same type of buildings. Some are purpose built whereas others are situated in more unique settings. The choice is yours to decide what type of impression fits in with your brand. Whilst the outside is important what’s contained inside is essential when making your decision. It is highly recommended to choose an operator that has a professionally manned reception to meet and greet clients. This will help to create the right impression as the receptionist is often the first point of contact. Each centre will have a different booking system for guests and how you will be notified of their arrival.

24 access
Some people worry that by using a serviced office means they will be limited to office hours only. This is not the case with most offering 24-hour access to the building which will be alarmed. A simple key fob will be handed to your team granting entrance giving you the freedom to work as required by the demands of the work without hourly restrictions. This is a huge benefit especially if your business is looking to split time between teams or work on a global timeframe.

Cleaning facilities
Cleaning and hygiene have become a major priority in our day to day lives and this must be continued throughout the office. Government guidelines are very clear on what operators are legally obliged to ensure they maintain a safe space. Cleaners are hired as part of the cost of your room to ensure that the office space and communal areas are kept clean and safe as possible.

Maintenance & Business Rates
One of the benefits of not owning a building is being responsible for the upkeep, wear and tear and overall maintenance. This will be taken care of by the operator, and you should speak to your centre representative if you notice any issues. Other aspects such as business rates and insurance should also be included in the price saving a lot of money on overheads.

Serviced offices aren’t just designed to enable businesses to collaborate with their own team they are also an excellent environment to network. Surrounding yourself amongst likeminded individuals creates a sense of belonging to a bigger unit than just your own company. The prospects of who you might meet or what this could do for your business should not be underestimated.

Virtual office
A virtual office is a service which offers an extra twist in the serviced office arsenal in which to showcase and manage your business. The most common elements to this are a professional registered address where companies pay to utilise the address. This can be extremely advantageous in separating home away from the business or to present a professional backdrop. Often this service includes mail handling where the operator takes receipt of the post to be collected by the client when it suits them.

Call Handling
An extra solution typically combined with a Virtual Office is call handling. This means that your business calls will be answered by trained professionals in your company name so that you never miss a call. This is great for those who don’t want clients going through to voicemail and instead prefer to speak to a human being. The process is simple messages are either forwarded to the client or calls are passed through to the right person.

Co-working and hot desking
Serviced office providers are geared up to include all types of business owners with options to suit all needs. Even those individuals who may work primarily from home but need access to office facilities on an adhoc basis or just want a break from the four walls of their home. This is where co-working or hot desking is essential. Workers can opt for a pay as you go system where they book a desk for the hour, half or full day.

What makes Halcyon Offices different?
At Halcyon Offices we are committed to providing a first-class service for all our clients throughout our buildings. We offer all the services listed above in unique locations in Leatherhead, Surrey and Huntingdon, Cambridgeshire. Our clients benefit from premier facilities at a cost they can afford.

Plus, our clients can take advantage of our locations. Take a lunchtime stroll in the expansive grounds of Thorncroft Manor, book the chamber at Wesley House for a meeting in the formerly grade II listed Town Hall or remain close to the historic high street at Castle Hill House.

We offer clearly defined transparent pricing and our aim is to run your office leaving you to manage your business.

Serviced offices used to be seen as a local alternative for small businesses but this no longer the case. They can cater for all sizes. As companies grabble with the consequences of COVID-19 how and where employees work has become a topic worthy of discussion. Not all staff are excited to return to the main office making long commutes to physical locations after being able to do most aspects of their jobs from home.

Instead, companies are being forced into listening to the needs and wants of their employees looking for ways to ensure they stay safe, remain local, connected and have the infrastructure to collaborate. Home working is not a replacement for a physical office but a serviced office is a replacement for conventional space. As outlined above all the services which are provided can only be obtained in a professional office environment.

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