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34 ways to make working from home a success

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Working from home success

Home working
In 2019 1.3 million brits opted to work from home. Thanks to modern technologies such as email, Wi-Fi and online meeting services, they were successfully able to conduct their day to day business without leaving the house. What used to be considered a privilege has become part of the norm, an everyday working method utilised by those who tend to run their own business.

However, as the UK sets to face the Coronavirus the government is urging as many people as possible to start working from home. For those that already do, it may be assumed very little will change, but sadly the recent events will affect us all. For example, if you are already a self professed remote worker you may no longer have the luxury of having the house to yourself.

For those that are used to working in an office, it will take time to adjust and to forge a suitable routine. The quicker you find a way that suits you, the easier you will cope with the ongoing situation. A few days at home can feel new, exciting and it means you avoid the dreaded commute. But after a while boredom of being isolated will kick in and bad habits will emerge.

Here are 34 ways to combat working from home issues:
1. Mental health – regardless of your mental state you need to ensure you remain positive.
2. Space – create a comfortable place where you will be happy to work.
3. Set boundaries – if you are surrounded by others sit separately and be respectful of noise.
4. Reach out – utilise your network by reaching out to others.
5. Limit surfing - don't spend all day glued to social media.
6. Schedule – write a to do list and stick to the plan.
7. Rest – factor in ways to rest your eyes away from your device.
8. Eat healthily – try not to binge on snacks.
9. Bandwidth – ensure you have the capabilities to utilise technology throughout your home.
10. Fresh air – open a window or enjoy a walk round the garden.
11. Open curtains – allow the light into your workspace.
12. Limit caffeine - don't over indulge on extra coffee and tea.
13. Connected – try to call others rather than sending a message.
14. Brain boost – use additional time to read a book.
15. Sleep patterns – rise from sleep at the same time each day.
16. Restrict hours – where possible stick to normal working hours to avoid over working.
17. Get dressed – aim to have a shower each morning and change your clothes.
18. Bedroom – avoid sitting in your bed, utilise all space in the house.
19. Tidy up – keep the house clean and tidy by staying on top of house work and the washing.
20. Online groups – everyone is in the same boat, join online networks and make new contacts.
21. Technology – find new and exciting ways to connect with people, e.g. Skype and Zoom.
22. Team working – keep in daily contact with your team.
23. Comfort - don't slump on the sofa, sit in a proper chair.
24. Be creative – use the extra time available to try your hand at something new.
25. Play music – create a new inspirational album of songs on Spotify and share it with others.
26. Be motivated – write out motivational quotes and post them online.
27. Binge watching – avoid turning on TV or streaming programmes until your work is done.
28. Cash flow – be sensible and not waste money buying things you don’t need.
29. Research – get online and find out interesting bits of information you didn't know.
30. Sickness – if you get sick take care of yourself and notify work.
31. Call the boss – keep your boss updated on your progress.
32. Savings – think of exciting ways to spend the money saved on travelling to work.
33. Safety – ensure your home network is utilising the most up to date virus software.
34. Radio – listening to the radio can help substitute human contact.

Whilst the above does not cover everything it provides a list of common-sense recommendations, ones that will help make working from home a success. Many companies already have a work from home policy, or have processes in place to access teams that are based away from the office. The new measures will call for an extension of these, so that all employees can stay connected.

Our main piece of advise is to stay positive, the current situation will not last forever. If you are prone to negative thinking, limit endless reading of the news as this will only make you feel worse. Try to embrace what is happening, ensuring that by staying at home you are taking necessary precautions to keep you and your family safe. In the meantime, reach out to colleagues, friends and family to provide much needed support in these difficult times.

If you have a tip that's not listed above, let us know so we can include it to help those who are struggling.

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