July 16, 2019
Picture of a man player a piano in the street amongst a busy crowded market

7 Ways to stand out in a crowded market

Even as a small business it’s possible to stand out in a crowded market saturated with competition and big players. Learn 7 ways to keep your business moving forward and secure your place in the market.
July 4, 2019
Picture of a Male employee, one image shows confidence and one image shows arrogance

Spotting the difference between a confident and an arrogant employee

How easy is it to spot the difference between a confident and an arrogant employee. The differences maybe subtle but they are there to be seen. Learn how human basic instincts combined with character defects changes the way staff members act at work.
June 8, 2019
Photo of a business woman holding a tablet liaising with clients

How to grow client relationships beyond sales

Client relationships go way beyond the initial sale. Nurture, build and grow beneficial relationships with your clients by adopting a customer process. Support each other on social media and website channels to develop a mutual relationship that will last into the future.
May 14, 2019
Picture of a female worker sitting at her desk starring at her computer looking bored

Are your staff at risk of the boredom factor at work?

The issue of staff boredom is serious. But how does a company leader recognise the signs and what can they do about it. Providing staff with remote or flexible working is just one of the many ways to alleviate this problem.